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Studia Mathematica

Tom 113

Warszawa 1995

Spis treści

C. Chu
H. Cohen
Topological conditions for bound-2 isomorphisms of C(X)1-24
M. PliśAsymptotic expansion of solutions of Laplace-Beltrami type singular operators25-42
S. DineenHolomorphic functions and Banach-nuclear decompositions of Fréchet spaces43-54
P. Hajłasz
A. Kałamajska
Polynomial asymptotics and approximation of Sobolev functions55-64
S. Rolewicz
W. Song
On automatic boundedness of Nemytskiĭ set-valued operators65-72
C. SchüttOn the embedding of 2-concave Orlicz spaces into L¹73-80
A. Rodriguez Palacios
M. Cabrera Garcia
A. Moreno Galindo
On the behaviour of Jordan-algebra norms on associative algebras81-100
P. Šemrl
M. Brešar
On local automorphisms and mappings that preserve idempotents101-108
W. CupałaThe upper bound of the number of eigenvalues for a class of perturbed Dirichlet forms109-125
V. Müller
V. Kordula
Vasilescu-Martinelli formula for operators in Banach spaces127-139
F. Holland
D. Walsh
Moser's Inequality for a class of integral operators141-168
C. SchmoegerThe stability radius of an operator of Saphar type169-175
S. KisliakovA sharp correction theorem177-196
M. ZurroSummability "au plus petit terme"197-198
S. SamkoDenseness of the spaces фv of Lizorkin type in the mixed Lp(Rn)-spaces199-210
R. Mortini
J. Cima
The Bourgain algebra of the disk algebra A(D) and the algebra QA211-221
B. Jakubczyk
M. Zhitomirskiĭ
Singularities and normal forms of generic 2-distributions on 3-manifolds223-248
A. LimaProperty (wM*} and the unconditional metric compact approximation property249-263
M. Gonzalez
E. Saksman
H. Tylli
Representing non-weakly compact operators265-282
T. Alvarez
R. Cross
A. Gouveia
Adjoint characterisations of unbounded weakly compact, weakly completely continuous and unconditionally converging operators283-298

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