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Studia Mathematica

Tom 115

Warszawa 1995

Spis treści

Q. LaiTwo-weight mixed ф-inequalities for the one-sided maximal function1-22
P. Biström
J. Jaramillo
M. Lindström
Algebras of real analytic functions: Homomorphisms and bounding sets23-37
T. PedersenSome results about Beurling algebras with applications to operator theory39-52
M. FuhrmanAnalyticity of transition semigroups and closability of bilinear forms in Hilbert spaces53-71
R. FaberA lifting theorem for locally convex subspaces of L073-85
B. BarnesConvergence in the generalized sense relative to Banach algebras of operators and in LMC-algebras87-103
G. Lumer
H. Radjavi
C. Fong
E. Nordgren
P. Rosenthal
Local polynomials are polynomials105-107
A. Weron
S. Cambanis
K. Podgórski
Chaotic behavior of infinitely divisible processes109-127
M. PutinarOn joint spectra of pairs of analytic Toeplitz operators129-134
A. UchiyamaLp weighted inequalities for the dyadic square function135-149
D. Edmunds
P. Gurka
B. Opic
Double exponential integrability, Bessel potentials and embedding theorems151-181
K. KodakaTracial states on crossed products associated with Furstenberg transformations on the 2-torus183-187
F. BeckhoffTopologies on the space of ideals of a Banach algebra189-205
Q. FanSymbol calculus on the affine group "ax + b"207-217
D. Békollé
A. Temgoua Kagou
Reproducing properties and Lp-estimates for Bergman projections in Siegel domains of type II219-239
A. IwanikGeneric smooth cocycles of degree zero over irrational rotations241-250
G. WillisCompressible operators and the continuity of homomorphisms from algebras of operators251-259
G. BlowerAbel means of operator-valued processes261-276
N. WeaverNonatomic Lipschitz spaces277-289
M. Kocan
A. Święch
Second order unbounded parabolic equations in separated form291-310

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