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Studia Mathematica

Tom 117

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

C. Chu
K. Lau
J. Wang
Vector-valued Choquet-Deny theorem, renewal equation and self-similar measures1-28
V. ThilliezExtension Gevrey et rigidité dans un secteur29-41
W. Johnson
M. Zippin
Extension of operators from weak*-closed sub-spaces of l1 into C(K) spaces43-55
J. Betancor
B. González
A convolution operation for a distributional Hankel transformation57-72
R. HarteOn rank one elements73-77
S. Momm
S. Melikhov
Solution operators for convolution equations on the germs of analytic functions on compact convex sets in CN79-99
R. Harte
М. Мвекнта
Almost exactness in normed spaces II101-105
R. HarteOn Kato non-singularity107-114
R. BerntzenAccretive approximation in C*-algebras115-121
A. JouraniOpen mapping theorem and inversion theorem for γ-paraconvex multivalued mappings and applications123-136
M. Cabrera Garcia
A. Moreno Galindo
A. Rodri'Guez Palacios
E. Zel'Manov
Jordan polynomials can be analytically recognized137-147
C. Nunez
R. Obaya
Ergodic theory for the one-dimensional Jacobi operator149-171
F. WeiszStrong convergence theorems for two-parameter Walsh-Fourier and trigonometric-Fourier series173-194
S. SllvestrovHilbert space representations of the graded analogue of the Lie algebra of the group of plane motions195-203
G. LorangRégularité Besov des trajectoires du processus intégral de Skorokhod205-223
S. Qiu
M. Vuorinen
Submultiplicative properties of the φK-distortion function225-242
М. Мвекнта
R. Paul
Sur la conorme essentielle243-252
G. PeškirOn the exponential Orlicz norms of stopped Brownian motion253-273
I. Doust
B. Walden
Compact AC-operators275-287
E. Oja
M. Põldvere
On subspaces of Banach spaces where every functional has a unique norm-preserving extension289-306

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