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Studia Mathematica

Tom 118

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

H. KitaOn a converse inequality for maximal functions in Orlicz spaces1-10
G. Lopez
J. Mena
RNP and KMP are equivalent for some Banach spaces with shrinking basis11-17
B. YoodC*-seminorms19-26
A. IwanikToeplitz flows with pure point spectrum27-35
S. Pérez-EstevaDuality on vector-valued weighted harmonic Bergman spaces37-47
K. Kawamura
T. Dobrowolski
J. Grabowski
Topological type of weakly closed subgroups in Banach spaces49-62
F. BeckhoffTopologies of compact families on the ideal space of a Banach algebra63-75
H. Render
A. Sauer
Algebras of holomorphic functions with Hadamard multiplication77-100
M. JungeComparing gaussian and Rademacher cotype for operators on the space of continuous functions101-115
M. González
J. Gutierrez
Factorization of weakly continuous holomorphic mappings117-133
S. Troyanski
F. Hernández
On Gateaux differentiable bump functions135-143
B. BoufoussiRégularité du temps local brownien dans les espaces de Besov-Orlicz145-156
K. YlinenPositive operator bimeasures and a noncommutative generalization157-168
R. LatałaA note on the Ehrhard inequality169-174
F. WeiszTwo-parameter Hardy-Littlewood inequalities175-184
K. UrbanikA characterization of probability measures by f-moments185-204
A. VillenaDerivations on Jordan-Banach algebras205-229
A. HinrichsOn the type constants with respect to systems of characters of a compact abelian group231-243
C. Chen
G. Chen
Uniform convergence of double trigonometric series245-259
S. SatoDivergence of the Bochner-Riesz means in the weighted Hardy spaces261-275
M. ZającA quasinilpotent operator with reflexive commutant277-283
K. StempakEquiconvergence for Laguerre function series285-300
R. LatałaTail and moment estimates for sums of independent random vectors with logarithmically concave tails301-304
R. Harte
W. Lee
Correction to "An index formula for chains" (Studia Math. 116 (1995), 283-294)305-305

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