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Studia Mathematica

Tom 119

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

Z. SłodkowskiHolomorphic motions commuting with semigroups1-16
R. Frankiewicz
G. Plebanek
On asymptotic density and uniformly distributed sequences17-26
A. GoncharovA compact set without Markov's property but with an extension operator for C∞-functions27-35
K. NowakLocal Toeplitz operators based on wavelets: phase space patterns for rough wavelets37-64
R. deLaubenfels
V. Quôc Phóng
Decomposable embeddings, complete trajectories, and invariant subspaces65-76
W. LuskyOn generalized Bergman spaces77-95
K. KodakaErratum to "Tracial states on crossed products associated with Furstenberg transformations on the 2-torus" (Studia Math. 115 (1995), 183-187)97-98
A. StokolosOn differentiation of integrals with respect to bases of convex sets99-108
V. Müller
V. Kordula
On the axiomatic theory of spectrum109-128
V. Müller
М. Мвекнта
On the axiomatic theory of spectrum II129-147
R. Wheeden
S. Zhao
Weak type estimates for operators of potential type149-160
G. Willis
A. Lau
R. Loy
Amenability of Banach and C*-algebras on locally compact groups161-178
D. Gątarek
B. Gołdys
Existence, uniqueness and ergodicity for the stochastic quantization equation179-193
W. ŻelazkoA non-Banach in-convex algebra all of whose closed commutative subalgebras are Banach algebras195-198
A. YoussfiRegularity properties of singular integral operators199-217
H. Bui
M. Paluszyński
M. Taibłeson
A maximal function characterization of weighted Besov-Lipschitz and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces219-246
C. Martinez
M. Sanz
A note on a formula for the fractional powers of infinitesimal generators of semigroups247-254
A. FanOn uniqueness of G-measures and g-measures255-269
G. AllanFréchet algebras and formal power series271-288
K. JaroszMultiplicative functionals and entire functions289-297

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