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Studia Mathematica

Tom 120

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

B. Franchi
F. Serra Cassano
Gehring's lemma for metrics and higher integrability of the gradient for minimizers of noncoercive variational functionals1-22
R. Jajte
A. Paszkiewicz
E. Hensz
The bundle convergence in von Neumann algebras and their L2-spaces23-46
P. Šemrl
M. Brešar
Spectral characterizations of central elements in Banach algebras47-52
C. LinConvolution operators on Hardy spaces53-59
R. Deville
V. Fonf
P. Hájek
Analytic and Ck approximations of norms in separable Banach spaces61-74
S. WąsowiczPolynomial selections and separation by polynomials75-82
A. QuasInvariant densities for C¹ maps83-88
W. ŻelazkoA non-locally convex topological algebra with all commutative subalgebras locally convex89-94
C. SweezyAbsolute continuity for elliptic-caloric measures95-112
J. EsterleClosed ideals in certain Beurling algebras, and synthesis of hyperdistributions113-153
M. BerkaniIdempotents dans les algèbres de Banach155-158
Z. Kowalski
T. Bogenschütz
Exactness of skew products with expanding fibre maps159-168
S. Ferrando
R. Jones
K. Reinhold
On approach regions for the conjugate Poisson integral and singular integrals169-182
R. SatoOn invariant measures for power bounded positive operators183-189
V. Klee
L. Veselý
C. Zanco
Rotundity and smoothness of convex bodies in reflexive and nonreflexive spaces191-204
F. Szafraniec
F. Marcellán
Operators preserving orthogonality of polynomials205-218
P. Djakov
V. Zahariuta
On Dragilev type power Kôthe spaces219-234
Y. Lacroix
T. Downarowicz
A non-regular Toeplitz flow with preset pure point spectrum235-246
J. WengenrothAcyclic inductive spectra of Fréchet spaces247-258
Q. Choi
S. Chun
T. Jung
The multiplicity of solutions and geometry of a nonlinear elliptic equation259-270
F. Weisz(Hp, Lp)-type inequalities for the two-dimensional dyadic derivative271-288
. Index of Volumes 111-120289-307

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