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Studia Mathematica

Tom 121

Warszawa 1996

Spis treści

V. Zahariuta
M. Kocatepe
Köthe spaces modeled on spaces of C∞ functions1-14
L. Brown
B. Schreiber
Stochastic continuity and approximation15-33
J. Betancor
L. Rodríguez-Mesa
Hankel convolution on distribution spaces with exponential growth35-52
H. Render
A. Sauer
Invariance properties of homomorphisrns on algebras of holomorphic functions with the Hadamard product53-65
M. Lin
V. Fonf
A. Rubinov
On the uniform ergodic theorem in Banach spaces that do not contain duals67-85
K. GröchenigAn uncertainty principle related to the Poisson summation formula87-104
J. Mycielski
S. Świerczkowski
Uniform approximation with linear combinations of reproducing kernels105-114
B. Aupetit
H. Mouton
Trace and determinant in Banach algebras115-136
E. MatheronComplexité de la familie des ensembles de synthèse d'un groupe abélien localement compact137-148
H. Triebel
H. Winkelvoss
A Fourier analytical characterization of the Hausdorff dimension of a closed set and of related Lebesgue spaces149-166
C. Batty
D. Greenfield
Z. Brzeźniak
A quantitative asymptotic theorem for contraction semigroups with countable unitary spectrum167-183
G. AllanSums of idempotents and a lemma of N. J. Kalton185-192
C. Finet
G. Tkebuchava
Some classical function systems in separable Orlicz spaces193-205
Y. Li
S. Shaw
Generalized limits and a mean ergodic theorem207-219
M. VuorinenSingular values, Ramanujan modular equations, and Landen transformations221-230
D. LiComplex Unconditional Metric Approximation Property for C^ (T) spaces231-247
H. Gevorgian
H. Hakopian
A. Sahakian
Numerical curves and their applications to algebraic curves249-275
G. AllanStable inverse-limit sequences, with application to Predict algebras277-308

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