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Studia Mathematica

Tom 122

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

F. Martín-Reyes
A. De La Torre
Some weighted inequalities for general one-sided maximal operatora1-14
J. ZienkiewiczInitial value problem for the time dependent Schrödinger equation on the Heisenberg group15-37
P. VietenFour characterizations of scalar-type operators with spectrum in a half-line39-54
D. LeungPurely non-atomic weak Lp spaces55-66
A. Moreno GalindoDistinguishing Jordan polynomials by means of a single Jordan-algebra norm67-73
L. BurlandoA generalization of the uniform ergodic theorem to poles of arbitrary order75-98
I. Asekritova
N. Krugljak
On equivalence of K- and J-methods for(n+1)-tuples of Banach spaces99-116
Z. SłodkowskiAn open mapping theorem for analytic multifunctions117-122
J. RaposoWeak type (1,1) multipliers on LCA groups123-130
V. RakočevićSemi-Browder operators and perturbations131-137
J. MujicaSpaces of holomorphic mappings on Banach spaces with a Schauder basis139-151
M. Guzmán-PartidaHardy spaces of conjugate temperatures153-165
S. WangOn the maximal operator associated with the free Schrödinger equation167-182
L. MolnárThe set of automorphisms of B(H} is topologically reflexive in B(B(H))183-193
B. AupetitOn log-subharmonicity of singular values of matrices195-200
G. Sampson
Y. Pan
P. Szeptycki
L² and Lp estimates for oscillatory integrals and their extended domains201-224
A. GiannopoulosOn some vector balancing problems225-234
S. GeissBMOψ-spaces and applications to extrapolation theory235-274
M. LemańczykCohomology groups, multipliers and factors in ergodic theory275-288
I. FilipowiczProduct Zd-actions on a Lebesgue space and their applications289-298

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