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Studia Mathematica

Tom 123

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

V. Müller
V. Kordula
V. Rakočević
On the semi-Browder spectrum1-13
S. Montgomery-Smith
K. Oleszkiewicz
P. Hitczenko
Moment inequalities for sums of certain independent symmetric random variables15-42
K. BogdanThe boundary Harnack principle for the fractional Laplacian43-80
S. BobkovIsoperimetric problem for uniform enlargement81-95
J. KolihaSpectral sets97-107
M. FranciosiA condition implying boundedness and VMO for a function f109-116
B. JohnsonHigher-dimensional weak amenability117-134
V. PerencziHereditarily finitely decomposable Banach spaces135-149
M. ZurroA new Taylor type formula and C∞ extensions for asymptotically developable functions151-163
F. BlascoComplementation in spaces of symmetric tensor products and polynomials165-173
D. Giachetti
R. Schianchi
Boundary higher integrability for the gradient of distributional solutions of nonlinear systems175-184
D. DrissiOn a theorem of Gelfand and its local generalizations185-194
T. QianSingular integrals with holomorphic kernels and Fourier multipliers on star-shaped closed Lipschitz curves195-216
G. ŁysikA Phragmén-Lindelöf type quasi-analyticity principle217-234
P. Galindo
M. Lindström
R. Aron
Compact homomorphisms between algebras of analytic functions235-247
H. LelièvreEspaces BMO, inégalités de Paley et multiplicateurs idempotents249-274
J. Krone
P. Domański
D. Vogt
Standard exact projective resolutions relative to a countable class of Préchet spaces275-290
V. MüllerThe splitting spectrum differs from the Taylor spectrum291-294

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