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Studia Mathematica

Tom 124

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

K. FrączekOn a function that realizes the maximal spectral type1-7
Y. RaynaudOn duals of Calderón-Lozanovskiĭ intermediate spaces9-36
K. JaroszAlmost multiplicative functionals37-58
D. Edmunds
W. Evans
D. Harris
Two-sided estimates of the approximation numbers of certain Volterra integral operators59-80
N. Peck
N. Kalton
C. Henson
I. Tereščák
P. Zlatoš
Some Ramsey type theorems for normed and quasinormed spaces81-100
W. Li
J. Mccarthy
Reflexivity of isometries101-105
L. Maligranda
I. Asekritova
N. Krugljak
L. Persson
Distribution and rearrangement estimates of the maximal function and interpolation107-132
C. Castaing
F. Ezzaki
C. Hess
Convergence of conditional expectations for unbounded closed convex random sets133-148
M. WiernowolskiMinimality in asymmetry classes149-154
A. VillenaOperators determining the complete norm topology of C(K)155-160
H. Celik
E. Poletsky
Order functions of plurisubharmonic functions161-171
Z. Kowalski
B. Kamiński
P. Liardet
On extremal and perfect σ - algebras for Zd-actions on a Lebesgue space173-178
E. DoubtsovApproximation on the sphere by Besov analytic functions179-192
K. JaroszMultiplicative functionals and entire functions, II193-198
V. GirardinMéthodes de réalisation de produit scalaire et de problème de moments avec maximisation d'entropie199-213
L. SkrzypczakBesov spaces on symmetric manifolds—the atomic decomposition215-238
T. Amahroq
A. Taa
Sufficient conditions of optimality for multiobjective optimization problems with γ-paraconvex data239-247
G. Murphy
T. West
Averaging theorems for linear operators in compact groups and semigroups249-258
K. FraczekCyclic space isomorphism of unitary operators259-267
W. Pawłucki
K. Kurdyka
Subanalytic version of Whitney's extension theorem269-280
A. BobrowskiOn the Yosida approximation and the Widder-Arendt representation theorem281-290
M. GrosserQuasi-multipliers of the algebra of approximable operators and its duals291-300

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