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Studia Mathematica

Tom 126

Warszawa 1997

Spis treści

S. Thangavelu
P. Ratnakumar
R. Rawat
A restriction theorem for the Heisenberg motion1-12
W. BanaszczykThe Minlos lemma for positive-definite functions on additive subgroups of Rn13-25
S. BloomFirst and second order Opial inequalities27-50
K. Stempak
W. Trebels
Hankel multipliers and transplantation operators51-66
S. ZaniTwo-weight norm inequalities for maximal functions on homogeneous spaces and boundary estimates67-94
R. Urbański
J. Grzybowski
Minimal pairs of bounded closed convex sets95-99
J. GórnickiFixed points of Lipschitzian semigroups in Banach spaces101-113
A. Hulanicki
E. Damek
J. Zienkiewicz
Estimates for the Poisson kernels and their derivatives on rank one N A groups115-148
J. Dziubański
J. Zienkiewicz
Hardy spaces associated with some Schrödinger operators149-160
A. GoncharovPerfect sets of finite class without the extension property161-170
R. Meise
J. Bonet
A. Galbis
On the range of convolution operators on non-quasianalytic ultradifferentiable functions171-198
J. EppersonHermite and Laguerre wave packet expansions199-217
A. RhandiExtrapolation methods to solve non-autonomous retarded partial differential equations219-233
M. Rao
Z. Ren
Packing in Orlicz sequence spaces235-251
D. VolnýBV coboundaries over irrational rotations253-271
S. Wang
Z. Huang
Strongly continuous integrated C-cosine operator functions273-289
J. DíazOn non-primary Fréchet Schwartz spaces291-307

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