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Studia Mathematica

Tom 127

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

J. Krone
V. Walldorf
Complemented subspaces with a strong finite-dimensional decomposition of nuclear Köthe spaces have a basis1-7
L. FainaThe parametric Weierstrass integral over a BV curve as a length functional9-19
C. Benítez
K. Przesławski
D. Yost
A universal modulus for normed spaces21-46
S. Dragomir
E. Barletta
On the Djrbashian kernel of a Siegel domain47-63
G. AndroulakisA subsequence characterization of sequences spanning isomorphically polyhedral Banach spaces65-80
Y. Lyubich
G. Belitskii
The Abel equation and total solvability of linear functional equations81-97
M. Jimenéz Sevilla
R. Payá
Norm attaining multilinear forms and polynomials on preduals of Lorentz sequence spaces99-112
S. Axler
D. Zheng
The Berezin transform on the Toeplitz algebra113-136
J. Taskinen
J. Bonet
K. Bierstedt
Associated weights and spaces of holomorphic functions137-168
P. GłowackiThe Weyl asymptotic formula by the method of Tulovskiĭ and Shubin169-190
Y. Gordon
M. Meyer
O. Guédon
An isomorphic Dvoretzky's theorem for convex bodies191-200
P. Gorkin
D. Zheng
Harmonic extensions and the Böttcher-Silbermann conjecture201-222
A. Fiorenza
C. Sbordone
Existence and uniqueness results for solutions of nonlinear equations with right hand side in L223-231
J. Rusinekp-Analytic and p-quasi-analytic vectors233-250
G. MetafuneAnalyticity for some degenerate one-dimensional evolution equations251-276
V. RychkovIntrinsic characterizations of distribution spaces on domains277-298

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