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Studia Mathematica

Tom 128

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

Z. Pasternak-WiniarskiOn the dependence of the orthogonal projector on deformations of the scalar product1-17
H. Dales
F. Ghahramani
N. Grønbæek
Derivations into iterated duals of Banach algebras19-54
R. ChillTauberian theorems for vector-valued Fourier and Laplace transforms55-69
D. Edmunds
Y. Netrusov
Entropy numbers of embeddings of Sobolev spaces in Zygmund spaces71-102
R. Jajte
A. Paszkiewicz
Almost sure approximation of unbounded operators in L2 (X,A,μ)103-120
J. Kwiatkowski
F. Blanchard
Minimal self-joinings and positive topological entropy II121-133
H. SkhiriSur les isométries partielles maximales essentielles135-144
M. Braverman
B. Rubshtein
A. Veksler
Dominated ergodic theorems in rearrangement invariant spaces145-157
A. Katavolos
C. Stamatopoulos
Commutators of quasinilpotents and invariant subspaces159-169
A. LunardiSchauder theorems for linear elliptic and parabolic problems with unbounded coefficients in Rn171-198
A. Canale
P. Di Gironimo
A. Vitolo
Functions with derivatives in spaces of Morrey type and elliptic equations in unbounded domains199-218
G. KyriazisMaximal functions and smoothness spaces in Lp(Rd)219-241
V. Gutlyanskiĭ
O. Martio
V. Ryazanov
M. Vuorinen
On localn injectivity and asymptotic linearity of quasiregular mappings243-271
N. RandrianantoaninaFactorization of operators on C*-algebras273-285
P. Šemrl
M. Brešar
Finite rank elements in semisimple Banach algebras287-298

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