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Studia Mathematica

Tom 129

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

K. HareThe size of characters of compact Lie groups1-18
A. Granero
M. Jiménez Sevilla
J. Moreno
Convex sets in Banach spaces and a problem of Rolewicz19-29
M. Carro
S. Boza
Discrete Hardy spaces31-50
R. MortiniA constructive proof of the Beurling-Rudin theorem51-58
G. Herzog
R. Lemmert
On quasipositive elements in ordered Banach algebras59-65
G. AllanStable elements of Banach and Fréchet algebras67-96
K. LermerThe Grothendieck-Pietsch domination principle for nonlinear summing integral operators97-112
M. MarciniakOn Q-independence, limit theorems and q-Gaussian distribution113-135
P. Vieten
V. Keyantuo
On analytic semigroups and cosine functions in Banach spaces137-156
H. Heinig
G. Sinnamon
Mapping properties of integral averaging operators157-177
Z. Kowalski
B. Kamiński
On extremal and perfect σ-algebras for flows179-183
J. Cabello
E. Nieto
An ideal characterization of when a subspace of certain Banach spaces has the metric compact approximation property185-196
R. VillaIsometric embedding into spaces of continuous functions197-205
Z. HuSpectrum of commutative Banach algebras and isomorphism of C*-algebras related to locally compact groups207-223
R. LenczewskiA noncommutative limit theorem for homogeneous correlations225-252
T. KrönckeExtremal perturbations of semi-Fredholm operators253-264
M. Cepedello-BoisoOn regularization in superreflexive Banach spaces by infimal convolution formulas265-284
J. Ansemil
K. Floret
The symmetric tensor product of a direct sum of locally convex spaces285-295

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