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Studia Mathematica

Tom 131

Warszawa 1998

Spis treści

P. Koskela
P. Macmanus
Quasiconformal mappings and Sobolev spaces1-17
S. NeuwirthMetric unconditionality and Fourier analysis19-62
W. HebischOn operators satisfying the Rockland condition63-71
B. Cascales
G. Manjabacas
G. Vera
Fragmentability and compactness in C(K)-spaces73-87
R. SzwarcThe ratio and generating function of cogrowth coefficients of finitely generated groups89-94
M. Smyth
T. West
The minimum, diagonal element of a positive matrix95-99
P. Ortega SalvadorWeighted inequalities for one-sided maximal functions in Orlicz spaces101-114
C. SweezyBq for parabolic measures115-135
H. ŻołądekNew examples of holomorphic foliations without algebraic leaves137-142
M. Shih
J. Wu
Asymptotic stability in the Schauder fixed point theorem143-148
M. LinThe uniform zero-two law for positive operators in Banach lattices149-153
M. AcostaOn multilinear mappings attaining their norms155-165
V. Rakočević
J. Koliha
Continuity of the Drazin inverse II167-177
G. BlowerMultipliers of Hardy spaces, quadratic integrals and Foiaş, Williams-Peller operators179-188
D. Fan
D. Chen
Multiplier transformations on Hp spaces189-204
L. Forzani
R. Scotto
The higher order Riesz transform for Gaussian measure need not be of weak type (1,1)205-214
J. GreenInjective semigroup-algebras215-224
K. Lau
S. Ngai
Lq-spectrum of the Bernoulli convolution associated with the golden ratio225-251
F. WeiszRiesz means of Fourier transforms and Fourier series on Hardy spaces253-270
M. Gonzalez
P. Aiena
On inessential and improjective operators271-287
G. KrupaErgodic theorems for subadditive superstationary families of random sets with values in Banach spaces289-302

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