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Studia Mathematica

Tom 132

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

H. Wallin
A. Ambroladze
Rational interpolants with preassigned poles, theoretical aspects1-14
E. BoassoOn the joint spectral radius of a nilpotent Lie algebra of matrices15-27
G. LópezBanach spaces with a supershrinking basis29-36
S. HuangA spectral theory for locally compact abelian groups of automorphisms of commutative Banach algebras37-69
A. Pryde
B. Basit
Strong continuity of semigroup homomorphisms71-78
R. PouliquenLower bounds for Schródinger operators in H¹(R)79-89
V. Fonf
V. Shevchik
On decompositions of Banach spaces into a sum of operator ranges91-100
L. Colzani
P. Sjögren
Translation-invariant operators on Lorentz spaces L(l,q) with 0< q < 1101-124
A. Seeger
A. Greenleaf
On oscillatory integral operators with folding canonical relations125-139
V. Quôc PhóngOn the exponential stability and dichotomy of C0-semigroups141-149
R. deLaubenfels
M. Jazar
Functional calculi, regularized semigroups and integrated semigroups151-172
V. Müller
M. Zając
A quasi-nilpotent operator with reflexive commutant, II173-177
S. SeccoLp-improving properties of measures supported on curves on the Heisenberg group179-201
C. ReadStrictly singular operators and the invariant subspace problem203-226
E. WernerA general geometric construction for affine surface area227-238
B. YoodTransitivity for linear operators on a Banach space239-243
R. JuddA dichotomy on Schreier sets245-256
M. Chasco
E. Martín-Peinador
V. Tarieladze
On Mackey topology for groups257-284
R. SatoOn a vector-valued local ergodic theorem in L∞285-298

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