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Studia Mathematica

Tom 133

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

J. Alvarez
J. Hounie
An oscillatory singular integral operator with polynomial phase1-18
S. Vági
A. Gatto
On Sobolev spaces of fractional order and ε-families of operators on spaces of homogeneous type19-27
S. RolewiczOn α(·)-monotone multifunctions and differentiability of γ-paraconvex functions29-37
B. Kamiński
K. Park
On the directional entropy for Z²-actions on a Lebesgue space39-51
T. Byczkowski
K. Bogdan
Potential theory for the α-stable Schrödinger operator on bounded Lipschitz domains53-92
E. MatouškováAn almost nowhere Fréchet smooth norm on superreflexive spaces93-99
I. KlemesExamples of Λ(4) sets E and a graph structure in E x E101-120
K. Seddighi
S. Vaezpour
Commutants of certain multiplication operators on Hilbert spaces of analytic functions121-130
J. Hounie
I. Gasparis
A class of l1-preduals which are isomorphic to quotients of C(ωω)131-143
P. LefèvreMeasures and lacunary sets145-161
A. PirkovskiiOn Arens-Michael algebras which do not have non-zeroinjective Ô-modules163-174
E. Oja
Å. Lima
Ideals of finite rank operators, intersection properties of balls, and the approximation property175-186
B. CloadToeplitz operators in the commutant of a composition operator187-196
W. Bloom
Z. Xu
Local Hardy spaces on Chébli-Trimèche hypergroups197-230
J. Sanz
F. Galindo
On strongly asymptotically developable functions and the Borel-Ritt theorem231-248
M. Lemańczyk
A. Del Junco
Simple systems are disjoint from Gaussian systems249-256
F. Cabello SanchezA theorem on isotropic spaces257-260
J. Garcia
J. Soria
Weighted inequalities and the shape of approach regions261-274
N. Kalton
P. Casazza
Uniqueness of unconditional bases in c0-products275-294

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