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Studia Mathematica

Tom 134

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

G. Muñoz
Y. Sarantopoulos
A. Tonge
Complexifications of real Banach spaces, polynomials and multilinear maps1-33
N. JaouaOrder bounded composition operators on the Hardy spaces and the Nevanlinna class35-55
S. Montgomery-Smith
L. Grafakos
O. Motrunich
A sharp estimate for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function57-67
A. QuasMost expanding maps have no absolutely continuous invariant measure69-78
Y. YamamotoOn coerciveness in Besov spaces for abstract parabolic equations of higher order79-98
P. Šemrl
R. Bhatia
A. Sourour
Maps on matrices that preserve the spectral radius distance99-110
D. Drissi
R. Bhatia
Perturbation theorems for Hermitian elements in Banach algebras111-117
B. Chalmers
G. Lewicki
Symmetric subspaces of l1 with large projection constants119-133
Y. Lyubich
G. Belitskii
The real-analytic solutions of the Abel functional equation135-141
J. Zemánek
B. Nagy
A resolvent condition implying power boundedness143-151
Y. LyubichSpectral localization, power boundedness and invariant subspaces under Ritt's type condition153-167
V. Goersmeyer
L. Weis
Norm continuity of c0-semigroups169-178
H. TriebelFunction spaces and spectra of elliptic operators on a class of hyperbolic manifolds179-202
S. TosakaA note on the hyperreflexivity constant for certain reflexive algebras203-206
M. GrigorianOn the representation of functions by orthogonal series in weighted Lp spaces207-216
K. Gęba
M. Izydorek
A. Pruszko
The Conley index in Hilbert spaces and its applications217-233
S. HiltunenImplicit functions from locally convex spaces to Banach spaces235-250
E. DettweilerEmbedding of random vectors into continuous martingales251-268
J. Ortega
C. Cascante
Convergence in nonisotropic regions of harmonic functions in Bn269-298

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