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Studia Mathematica

Tom 136

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

M. RajaKadec norms and Borel sets in a Banach space1-16
M. Mastyło
M. Milman
Interpolation of real method spaces via some ideals of operators17-35
J. HamhalterSupporting sequences of pure states on JB algebras37-47
J. Chaumat
A. Chollet
Sur la division et la composition dans des classes ultradifférentiables49-70
A. MakagonInduced stationary process and structure of locally square integrable periodically correlated processes71-86
J. Feinstein
H. Kamowitz
Compact endomorphisms of H∞(D)87-90
A. Moreno GalindoThe triple-norm extension problem: the nondegenerate complete case91-97
A. McIntosh
B. Jefferies
J. Picton-Warlow
The monogenic functional calculus99-119
J. Castillo
R. García
R. Gonzalo
Banach spaces in which all multilinear forms are weakly sequentially continuous121-145
Y. Gordon
M. Junge
Volume ratios in Lp-spaces147-182
W. BanaszczykThe Lévy continuity theorem for nuclear groups183-196
S. Roch
B. Silbermann
Continuity of generalized inverses in Banach algebras197-227
H. SkihriLes opérateurs semi-Fredholm sur des espaces de Hilbert non séparables229-253
I. Chalendar
J. Partington
Approximation problems and representations of Hardy spaces in circular domains255-269
E. PriolaOn a class of Markov type semigroups in spaces of uniformly continuous and bounded functions271-295

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