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Studia Mathematica

Tom 137

Warszawa 1999

Spis treści

O. ErmertHochschild cohomology groups of certain algebras of analytic functions with coefficients in one-dimensional bimodules1-31
P. Djakov
V. Zahariuta
P. Chalov
Compound invariants and embeddings of Cartesian products33-47
S. Pérez-Esteva
J. Motos
On Bell's duality theorem for harmonic functions49-60
E. Andruchow
G. Corach
D. Stojanoff
Geometry of oblique projections61-79
M. Kosiek
A. Octavio
Wold-type extension for N-tuples of commuting contractions81-91
G. Janashia
E. Lagvilava
A method of approximate factorization of positive definite matrix functions93-100
M. PoppenbergAn application of the Nash-Moser theorem to ordinary differential equations in Fréchet spaces101-121
M. Lemańczyk
A. Danilenko
Isometric extensions, 2-cocycles and ergodicity of skew products123-142
S. Dineen
M. Mackey
P. Mellon
The density property for JB*-triples143-160
G. DoreH∞ functional calculus in real interpolation spaces161-167
V. KhatskevichGeneralized fractional linear transformations: convexity and compactness of the image and the pre-image; applications169-175
P. Domański
J. Bonet
M. Lindström
Pointwise multiplication operators on weighted Banach spaces of analytic functions177-194
R. JonesAn exponential estimate for convolution powers195-202
A. HarcharrasFourier analysis, Schur multipliers on Sp and non-commutative Λ(p)-sets203-260
S. Peszat
Z. Brzeźniak
Space-time continuous solutions to SPDE's driven by a homogeneous Wiener process261-299

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