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Studia Mathematica

Tom 138

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

M. Maestre
D. García
P. Rueda
Weighted spaces of holomorphic functions on Banach spaces1-24
J. López Molina
E. Sánchez Pérez
On operator ideals related to(p, σ)-absolutely continuous operators25-40
F. MóriczTauberian theorems for Cesàro summable double integrals over R²+41-52
L. Drewnowski
I. Labuda
Vector series whose lacunary subseries converge53-80
F. Cobos
J. Peetre
T. Kühn
Extreme points of the complex binary trilinear ball81-92
M. Brešar
K. Beidar
Applying the density theorem for derivations to range inclusion problems93-100
K. Kurata
S. Sugano
Fundamental solution, eigenvalue asymptotics and eigenfunctions of degenerate elliptic operators with positive potentials101-119
R. Obaya
A. Alonso
J. Hong
Absolutely continuous dynamics and real coboundary cocycles in Lp-spaces, Q < p < ∞121-134
P. Clément
B. De Pagter
F. Sukochev
H. Witvliet
Schauder decompositions and multiplier theorems135-163
T. Ransford
J. Galé
On the growth of analytic semigroups along vertical lines165-177
O. KalendaValdivia compacta and equivalent norms179-191
B. Aupetit
M. Mathieu
The continuity of Lie homomorphisms193-199
T. BanakhTopological classification of strong duals to nuclear (LF)-spaces201-208
M. Cwikel
A. Gulisashvili
Interpolation on families of characteristic functions209-224
M. Lin
I. Kornfeld
Weak almost periodicity of L1 contractions and coboundaries of non-singular transformations225-240
L. Bernal-GonzálezUniversal images of universal elements241-250
Q. Xu
S. Kisliakov
Partial retractions for weighted Hardy spaces251-264
G. Carboni
A. Larotonda
An example of a Fréchet algebra which is a principal ideal domain265-275
R. Kerman
B. Opic
A. Cianchi
L. Pick
A sharp rearrangement inequality for the fractional maximal operator277-284
A. LernerOn pointwise estimates for maximal and singular integral operators285-291
W. ŻelazkoA characterization of commutative Préchet algebras with all ideals closed293-300

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