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Studia Mathematica

Tom 139

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

Y. Hu
M. Mellouk
Régularité Besov-Orlicz du temps local Brownien1-7
C. Chen
D. Luor
Two-parameter Hardy-Littlewood inequality and its variants9-27
W. Li
W. Linde
Metric entropy of convex hulls in Hilbert spaces29-45
K. Grosse-ErdmannHypercyclic and chaotic weighted shifts47-68
X. TaoThe Lp solvability of the Dirichlet problems for parabolic equations69-80
J. KolihaElements of C*-algebras commuting with their Moore-Penrose inverse81-90
H. Radjavi
R. Drnovšek
L. Livshits
G. Macdonald
B. Mathes
P. Šemrl
On operator bands91-100
A. Hulanicki
E. Damek
Invariant operators and pluriharmonic functions on symmetric irreducible Siegel domains101-140
A. Rozkosz
L. Słomiński
Stochastic representation of reflecting diffusions corresponding to divergence form operators141-174
Y. KorobeĭnikOn absolutely representing systems in spaces of infinitely differentiable functions175-188
J. Cerdà
J. Martín
Weighted Hardy inequalities and Hardy transforms of weights189-196
W. Longstaff
O. Panaia
J-subspace lattices and subspace M-bases197-212
D. MorbidelliFractional Sobolev norms and structure of Carnot-Carathéodory balls for Hörmander vector fields213-244
J. XiaoComposition operators: Nα to the Bloch space to 2β245-260
A. AyagheA geometrical solution of a problem on wavelets261-273
R. HaydonSubspaces of the Bourgain-Delbaen space275-293

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