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Studia Mathematica

Tom 140

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

H. Oka
N. Tanaka
Approximation of abstract linear integrodifferential equations1-14
M. LangenbruchLocalizations of partial differential operators and surjectivity on real analytic functions15-40
M. SgibnevAn asymptotic expansion for the distribution of the supremum of a random walk41-55
D. Vogt
P. Domański
A splitting theory for the space of distributions57-77
F. Giannetti
A. Verde
Variational integrals for elliptic complexes79-98
N. RibarskaOn having a countable cover by sets of small local diameter99-116
A. Attalienti
M. Campiti
Degenerate evolution problems and Beta-type operators117-139
V. RychkovLinear extension operators for restrictions of function spaces to irregular open sets141-162
M. BerkaniRestriction of an operator to the range of its powers163-175
F. Móricz
B. Le Gac
On the bundle convergence of double orthogonal series in noncommutative L2-spaces177-190
E. Diamantopoulos
A. Siskakis
Composition operators and the Hilbert matrix191-198
C. ReadCommutative, radical amenable Banach algebras199-212
S. Dilworth
R. Howard
J. Roberts
On the size of approximately convex sets in normed spaces213-241
M. Girardi
S. Dilworth
W. Johnson
Geometry of Banach spaces and biorthogonal systems243-271
M. WojciechowskiA Marcinkiewicz type multiplier theorem for H¹ spaces on product domains273-287
M. WojciechowskiA class of Fourier multipliers on H¹ (R²)289-298
. Index of Volumes 131-140299-317

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