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Studia Mathematica

Tom 141

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

S. SatoWeighted weak type (1,1) estimates for oscillatory singular integrals1-24
D. Yang
G. Hu
A variant sharp estimate for multilinear singular integral operators25-42
H. Bercovici
V. Pata
Limit laws for products of free and independent random variables43-52
J. Feinstein
D. Somerset
Non-regularity for Banach function algebras53-68
T. YoshimotoDirichlet series and uniform ergodic theorems for linear operators in Banach spaces69-83
W. Bade
P. Curtis Jr.
A. Sinclair
Raising bounded groups and splitting of radical extensions of commutative Banach algebras85-98
G. AllanStable inverse-limit sequences and automatic continuity99-107
A. TalarczykDirichlet problem for parabolic equations on Hilbert spaces109-142
A. Arias
H. Rosenthal
M-complete approximate identities in operator spaces143-200
М. Мвекнта
M. González
T. Bermúdez
Operators with an ergodic power201-208
M. Baran
W. Pleśniak
Polynomial inequalities on algebraic sets209-219
M. Baran
W. Pleśniak
Characterization of compact subsets of algebraic varieties in terms of Bernstein type inequalities221-234
E. BehrendsOn Bárány's theorems of Carathéodory and Helly type235-250
B. BarnesSymmetric Banach *-algebras: invariance of spectrum251-261
S. RolewiczOn cyclic a(•)-monotone multifunctions263-272
D. Leung
I. Gasparis
On the complemented subspaces of the Schreier spaces273-300

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