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Studia Mathematica

Tom 142

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

B. YoodCentralizers for subsets of normed algebras1-6
F. Ruiz
J. Bastero
M. Milman
On sharp reiteration theorems and weighted norm inequalities7-24
P. Dartnell
F. Durand
A. Maass
Orbit equivalence and Kakutani equivalence with Sturmian subshifts25-45
A. CaetanoApproximation by functions of compact support in Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin spaces on irregular domains47-63
M. Andbrsson
S. Sandberg
A constructive proof of the composition rule for Taylor's functional calculus65-69
V. VarlamovLong-time asymptotics for the nonlinear heat equation with a fractional Laplacian in a ball71-99
R. Wheeden
G. Lu
High order representation formulas and embedding theorems on stratified groups and generalizations101-133
A. Albanese
V. Moscatelli
Representations of the spaces C∞(RN) ∩ Hk,p(RN)135-148
S. MeloSmooth operators for the regular representation on homogeneous spaces149-157
V. MüllerAxiomatic theory of spectrum III: semiregularities159-169
P. WojtaszczykNon-similarity of Walsh and trigonometric systems171-185
D. Vogt
P. Domański
The space of real-analytic functions has no basis187-200
S. Shaw
C. Kuo
On α-times integrated C-semigroups and the abstract Cauchy problem201-217
P. Mattila
M. Morán
J. Rey
Dimension of a measure219-233
Z. KowalskiWeakly mixing but not mixing quasi-Markovian processes235-244
A. WawrzyńczykOn ideals consisting of topological zero divisors245-251
Ó. Ciaurri
J. Guadalupe
M. Pérez
J. Varona
Solving dual integral equations on Lebesgue spaces253-267
R. Payá
M. Martín
Numerical index of vector-valued function spaces269-280
A. Pełczyński
K. Oleszkiewicz
Polydisc slicing in Cn281-294
L. MolnárOn isomorphisms of standard operator algebras295-302

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