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Studia Mathematica

Tom 143

Warszawa 2000

Spis treści

E. Amar
C. Menini
Universal divisors in Hardy spaces1-21
S. Djordjević
B. Duggal
Weyl's theorems and continuity of spectra in the class of p-hyponormal operators23-32
M. Goldstein
S. Litvinov
Banach principle in the space of r-measurable operators33-41
Z. Brzeźniak
J. Van Neerven
Stochastic convolution in separable Banach spaces and the stochastic linear Cauchy problem43-74
P. Mucha
W. Zajączkowski
On the existence for the Cauchy-Neumann problem for the Stokes system in the Lp-framework75-101
M. ThalerThe asymptotics of the Perron-Frobenius operator of a class of interval maps preserving infinite measures103-119
A. Böttcher
M. Seybold
Discrete Wiener-Hopf operators on spaces with Muckenhoupt weight121-144
T. SzarekThe stability of Markov operators on Polish spaces145-152
G. Belitskii
V. Tkachenko
Functional equations in real-analytic functions153-174
G. KarchSelfsimilar profiles in large time asymptotics of solutions to damped wave equations175-197
A. Abouqateb
A. El Kacimi Alaoui
Fonctionnelles invariantes et courants basiques199-219
M. Valdivia
J. Schmets
Extension maps in ultradifferentiable and ultraholomorphic function spaces221-250
S. SlomeThe Heisenberg group and the group Fourier transform of regular homogeneous distributions251-266
D. Edmunds
J. Rákosník
Sobolev embeddings with variable exponent267-293

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