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Studia Mathematica

Tom 73

Warszawa-Wrocław 1982

Spis treści

P. TurpinReprésentation fonctionnelle des espaces vectoriels toplogiques1-10
S. DineenAnalytic functionals on fully nuclear spaces11-32
K. JaroszA generalization of the Banach-Stone theorem33-39
S. HeinrichThe isomorphic problem of envelopes41-49
C. GutiérrezOn singular integrals and Orlicz spaces51-61
B. Host
F. Parreau
Spectres joints et prolongement des caractères63-74
V. MüllerOn domination and extensions of Banach algebras75-80
G. FelsmanOn Urbanik's characterizatin of Gaussian measures on locally compact abelian groups81-86
S. KrantzFractional integration on Hardy spaces87-94
T. YoshimotoInequalities for product operators and vector valued ergodic theorems95-114
M. WojtkowskiGeodesics on open surfaces containing horns115-151
B. DavisOn the integrability of the ergodic maximal function153-167
T. PytlikSymbolic calculus on weighted group algebras169-176
W. EmersonOn the spectra of holomorphic function algebras177-200
N. KhueOn meromorphic functions with values in locally convex spaces201-211
K. AstalaOn Peano's theorem in locally convex spaces213-223
S. Heinrich
P. Mankiewicz
Applicaitons of ultrapowers to the uniform and Lipschitz classification of Banach spaces225-251
J. PeetreLocally analytically pseudo-convex topological vector spaces253-262

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