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Studia Mathematica

Tom 74

Warszawa-Wrocław 1982

Spis treści

D. Johnson
C. Lahr
Weak approximate identities and multipliers1-15
J. GossezSome approximation properties in Orlicz-Sobolev spaces17-24
J. WilsonA simple proof of the atomic decompostion for Hp(Rn),0< p≤125-33
E. Atencia
A. Torre
A dominated ergodic estimate for Lp spaces with weights35-47
E. AmarSur un problème de W. Rudin concernant les fonctions holomorphes et borneés49-56
H. WeberDie atomare Struktur topologischer Boolescher Ringe und s-beschränkter Inhalte57-81
A. KamińskiConvolution, product and Fourier transform of distributions83-96
V. MüllerNon-removable ideals in commutative Banach algebras97-104
J. Peetre
J. Gustavsson
Properties of the L function105-121
M. BuntinasApproximation by Abel means and Tauberian Theoremes in sequences spaces123-136
R. StrichartzSingular integrals supported on submanifolds137-151
T. SjödinOn Lp-differentiability and difference properties of functions153-168
D. Adams
J. Lewis
On Morrey-Besov inequalities169-182
M. Misiurewicz
D. Ramachandran
Hopf's theorem on invariant measures for a group of transformations183-189
J. WośRandom ergodic theorems for sub-Markovian operators191-212
H. Collins
W. Ruess
Duals of spaces of compact operators213-245
N. NielsenThe ideal property of tensor products of Banach lattices with applications to the local structure of spaces of absolutely summing operators247-272
G. Sampson
W. Jurkat
On weak restricted estimates and endpoints problems for convolutions with oscillating kernels273-282
M. TalagrandFiltres: mesurabilité, rapidité, propriété de Baire forte283-291
J. StochelIndividual boundedness condition for positive definite sesquilinear form valued kernels293-302

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