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Studia Mathematica

Tom 75

Warszawa-Wrocław 1983

Spis treści

E. SawyerA characterization of a two-weight norm inequality for maximal operators1-11
Z. Ciesielski
T. Figiel
Spline approximation and Besov spaces on compact manifolds13-36
Z. SłodkowskiA criterion for subharmonicity of a function of the spectrum37-49
S. JansonOn the interpolation of sublinear operators51-53
R. Nessel
W. Dickmeis
Condensation principles with rates55-68
N. KhueOn the extension of continuous linear maps in function spaces and the splitness of Dolbeaut complexes of holomorphic Banach bundles69-80
U. NeriOn functions with bounded mixed variance81-93
J. BourgainTranslation invariant complemented subspaces of Lp95-101
A. BenndorfOn the relation of the bounded approximation property and a finite dimensional decomposition in nuclear Fréchet spaces103-119
N. KhueCohomology groups of sheaves ΦЄL and splitness of Dolbeault complexes of sheaves Jv,ε121-137
L. HolmströmSuperspaces of (s) with basis139-152
R. SatoA reverse maximal ergodic theorem153-160
B. Truong-VanApplications of autoreproducing kernel moduli to the study on interpolability and minimality of a class of stationary Hilbertian varieties161-181
Z. Ciesielski
S. Chang
Spline characterizations of H¹183-192
J. BourgainH∞ is a Grothendieck space193-216
B. BordinHp estimates for weakly strongly singular integral operators on spaces of homogeneous type217-234
D. Vogt
R. Meise
Structure of spaces of holomorphic functions on infinite dimensional polydiscs235-262
E. SawyerNorm inequalities relating singular integrals and the maximal function253-263
W. ŻelazkoOn permanent radicals in commutative locally convex algebras265-272
L. WaelbroeckHolomorphic functional calculus and quotient Banach algebras273-286
L. WaelbroeckQuasi-Banach algebras, ideals, and holomorphic functional calculus286-292
T. IwaniecProjections outo gradient fields and Lp-estimates for degenerated elliptic operators293-312
J. BurzykOn convergence in the Mikusiński operational calculus313-333
R. Chivukula
I. Sarma
On tensor products of continuous functions335-339
D. Lewis
H. König
P. Lin
Finite dimensional projection constants341-358

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