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Studia Mathematica

Tom 77

Warszawa-Wrocław 1983

Spis treści

. Preface to the following paper [to the paper by J. G.-M (J. Mikusiński), Hypernumbers]1-2
J. MikusińskiHypernumbers. Part I. Algebra3-16
J. BurzykOn type II convergence in the Miklusiński operational calculus17-27
H. KönigOn some basic relations in the abstract Hardy algebra theory29-57
K. UrbanikA characterization of Gaussian measures59-68
D. Przeworska-RolewiczNon-Leibniz algebras69-79
A. IwanikUnique ergodicity of irreducible Markov operators on C(X)81-86
K. KellerSome convergence properties of convolutions87-94
K. YosidaA simple complement to Miklusiński's operational calculus95-98
S. OkamotoA remark on Yosida's complement to Mikusiński's operational calculus99-101
A. SchinzelHasse's principle for systems of ternary quadratic forms and for one biquadratic form103-109
S. RolewiczSufficient condition for Pareto optimization in Banach spaces111-114
L. BergCommutative differential algebras with an algebraic element115-120
R. UrbańskiModular spaces over a field with valuation generated by a (ω,v)-convex modular121-131
W. ŻelazkoOn non-removable ideals in commutative locally convex algebras133-154
B. CarlEntropy numbers of r-nuclear operators between Lp spaces155-162
A. Zemanian
P. Sueramanian
A theory for ungrounded electrical grids and its application to the geophysical exploration of layered strata163-181
O. Capri
A. Domínguez
On operator-valued analytic functions with positive real part whose logarithm belongs to a Cp class183-196
C. Swartz
P. Antosik
A theorem on matrices and its applications in functional analysis197-205
S. TrioneOn some distributional multiplicative products207-217
M. Mateljević
M. Pavlović
Lp-behaviour of the integral means of analytic functions219-237
I. FenyöSolution générale d'une équation fonctionelle dans le domaine des fonctions analytiques239-243
J. BourgainThe Dunford-Pettis property for the ball-algebras, the polydisc-algebras and the Sobolev spaces246-253
J. MusielakOn sequentially M-integrable distributions255-260
C. FerensOn the range of puraly atomic probability measures261-263
S. Dolecki
G. Greco
Topologically maximal pretopologies265-281
H. MarcinkowskaA remark on approximate solving of a class of initialboundary value problems283-287
P. WojtaszczykHp-spaces, p<1, and spline systems289-320
M. ItanoOn the canonical extensions for distributions in the space Bp,μ321-332
J. VoigtFactorization in some Fréchet algebras of differentiable functions333-348
I. LabudaCompleteness type proprties of locally solid Riesz spaces349-372
L. DrewnowskiQuasi-complements in F-spaces373-391
P. DierolfSome locally convex spaces of regular distributions393-412
Z. LipeckiOn some dense subspaces of topological linear spaces413-421
M. WilhelmIntegral extension procedures in weakly σ-complete latticeordered groups, I423-435
J. KahaneUne preuve rapide du théorème de Beurling et Helson sur les endomorphismes de l'algèbre l¹(Z)437-438
B. FuchssteinerAlgebraic foundation of some distribution algebras439-453
V. KoutnikCompleteness of sequential convergence groups455-464
W. Orlicz
S. Szufla
On the structure of Lφ-solution sets of integral equations in Banach spaces465-477
R. StrubleSeries expansions for Fourier transforms and Lebesque functions479-484
W. KieratSome Fourier transform inversion theorem485-488
A. Kamiński
S. Pilipović
On some spaces of distributions489-498
A. KamińskiRemarks on K{Mp}'-spaces499-508
K. SkórnickiSobolev's and local derivatives509-517
G. GoodmanZygmund's Lemma and Riemann integrability519-522
A. Sharma
Z. Ziegler
Walsh equicon vergence for best l2-approximates523-528

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