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Studia Mathematica

Tom 78

Warszawa-Wrocław 1984

Spis treści

N. FavaMapping properties of maximal operators1-6
T. NakaziTwo problems in prediction theory7-14
J. RosińskiRandom integrals of Banach space valued functions15-38
D. PomboOn polynomial classification of locally convex spaces39-57
K. UrbanikNon-commutative probability limit theorems59-75
J. Bourgain
S. Argyros
T. Zachariades
A result on the isomorphic embeddability of l¹(Γ)77-91
K. Ross
J. Ash
Decreasing rearrangements and Lp,q of the Bohr group93-103
. Roman Sikorski (11 July 1920 - 12 September 1983) Biographic note.105-105
B. AdamsOn weighted norm inequalities for the Riesz transforms of functions with vanishing moments107-153
S. WereńskiOn the fixed point index of non-compact mappings155-160
J. Grabowski
W. Banaszczyk
Connected subgroups of nuclear spaces161-163
M. TalagrandPropriété de Nikodym et propriété de Grothendieck165-171
N. Fava
O. Capri
Strong differentiability with respect to product measures173-178
T. PytlikRadial convolutors on free groups179-183
C. SchüttOn the positive projection constant185-198
M. GomezA counterexample for the strong maximal operator199-211
A. FryszkowskiThe generalization of Cellina's Fixed Point Theorem213-215
J. NiechwiejOn commutative algebras of unbounded operators217-230
E. Atencia
F. Martin-Reyes
Weak type inequalities for the maximal ergodic function and the maximal ergodic Hilbert transform in weighted spaces231-244
D. DengOn a generalized Carleson inequality245-251
A. HulanickiA functional calculus for Rockland operators on nilpotent Lie groups253-266
M. TidtenAn example of a continuum of pairwise non-isomorphic spaces of C∞-functions267-274
C. Fefferman
M. Cwikel
The canonical seminorm on Weak L¹275-278
K. Tan
M. Shih
A further generalization of Ky Fan's maximal inequality and its applications279-287
L. MaligrandaInterpolation of locally Hölder operators289-296
V. MüllerRemovability of ideals in commutative Banach algebras297-307
M. ChristWeighted norm inequalities and Schur's Lemma309-319
A. Calderón
O. Capri
On the convergence in L¹ of singular integrals321-327
T. WolniewiczInclusion operators in Bargman spaces on bounded symmetric domains in Cn329-337

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