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Studia Mathematica

Tom 79

Warszawa-Wrocław 1984

Spis treści

S. BouloussaLes Bo-algèbres à idéaux premiers totalement ordonnés par inclusion sont de Fréchet1-5
E. PrestiniOperators of Bochner-Riesz type for the helix7-16
S. BellenotBanach S-algebras and conditional basic sequences in non-Montel Fréchet spaces17-33
M. Walias-CuadradoBounds for oscillatory integrals and L²-theory of the corresponding singular integrals35-50
W. ChojnackiAn analogue of the argument theorem of Bohr and its application51-59
M. Cwikel
S. Janson
Interpolation of analytic families of operators61-71
T. PytlikA construction of convolution operators on free groups73-76
J. RusinekAnalytic vectors and generation of one-parameter groups77-82
M. PutinarFunctional calculus and the Gelfand transformation83-86
G. NiesteggeA note on criteria of Le Page and Hirschfeld-Żelazko for the commutativity of Banach algebras87-90
H. HakopianMultivariate spline functions, B-spline bases and polynomial interpolations II91-102
P. TurpinCorrection á "Représentation fonctionnelle des espaces vectoriels topologiques"103-103
P. GłowackiStable semi-groups of measures on the Heisenberg group105-138
W. WnukOn the order-topological properties of the quotient space L/L۸139-149
A. KamińskiOn the Rényi theory of conditional probabilities151-191
P. MankiewiczFinite-dimensional Banach spaces with symmetry constant of order √n193-200
A. KamińskaThe criteria for local uniform rotundity of Orlicz spaces201-215
B. Aupetit
A. Zraĭbi
Distribution des valeurs des fonctions analytiques multiformes217-226
A. Pełczyński
T. Figiel
T. Iwaniec
Computing norms and critical exponents of some operators in Lp-spaces227-274
P. Tomas
Y. Chang
Multipliers along curves275-288
P. Tomas
Y. Chang
Invertivbility of some second order differential operators289-296

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