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Studia Mathematica

Tom 80

Warszawa-Wrocław 1984

Spis treści

S. GoldsteinOrthogonal scalar products on von Neumann algebras1-15
H. HafbauerMonotonic mod one transformations17-40
W. EberleinOn the Wiener-Eberlein theorem41-42
P. Morales
J. Belley
Corrigendum and addendum to "A generalization of Wiener's criteria for the continuity of a Borel measure"43-46
H. TietzÜber Umkehrbedingungen bei gewöhnlicher und absoluter Limitierung47-52
T. KühnEntropy numbers of r-nuclear operators in Banach spaces of type q53-61
J. RaymondLe volume des idéaux d'opérateurs classiques63-75
H. HakopianMultivariate interpolation II of Langrange and Hermite type77-88
E. LigockaThe Hölder continuity of the Bergman projection and proper holomorphic mappings89-107
S. Rolewicz
C. Klein
On Riemann integration of functions with values in topological linear spaces109-118
W. BanaszczykClosed subgroups of nuclear spaces are weakly closed119-128
R. SatoOn the ratio maximal functions for an ergodic flow129-139
A. Jonsson
P. Sjögren
H. Wallin
Hardy and Lipschitz spaces on subsets of Rn141-166
K. UrbanikGeneralized convolutions III167-189
V. MüllerInverse elements in extensions of Banach algebras191-195
R. TaberskiTrigonometric approximation in the norms and seminorm197-217
J. ZemánekGeometic characteristic of semi-Fredholm operators and their asymptotic behaviour219-234
A. Hulanicki
J. Jenkins
Nilpotent Lie groups and summability of eigenfunction expansions of Schrödinger operators235-244
M. Takaguchi
M. Cho
Some classes of commutiong n-tuples of operators245-259
A. Torchinsky
B. Jawerth
The strong maximal function with respect to measures261-285
. Contents of volumes LXXI-LXXX287-308

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