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Studia Mathematica

Volume 82

Warszawa-Wrocław 1985


E. SawyerWeighted inequalities for the two-dimensional Hardy operator1-16
K. YabutaGéneralizations of Calderón-Zygmund operators17-31
M. NawrockiStrict dual of Cb(X,E)33-38
A. Torre
R. Caballero
An atomic theory of ergodic Hp spaces39-59
V. Pták
M. Neumann
Automatic continuity, local type and causality61-90
S. Kwapień
C. Schütt
Some combinatorial and probabilistic inequalities and their application to Banach space theory91-106
J. MujicaHolomorphic approximation in infinite-dimensional Riemann domains107-134
P. NilssonInterpolation of Banach lattices135-154
P. DomańskiOn the splitting of twisted sums, and the three space problem for local convexity155-189
W. Żelazko
H. Peimbert
A Bo-algebra without generalized topological divisors of zero191-198
J. DługoszAlmost everywhere convergence of some summabillity methods for Laguerre series199-209
D. GarlingSome incorrigible functions211-219
M. LemańczykThe sequence entropy for Morse shifts and some counterexamples221-241
W. Dahmen
C. Micchelli
On the local linear independence of translates of a box spline243-263
H. AimarOn weighted inequalities for ergodic operators265-269
F. Móricz
K. Tandori
On the a.e. Divergence of the arithmetic means of double orthogonal series271-294
C. Stegall
W. Ruess
Remarks concerning the paper "On a class of Hausdorff compacts and GSG Banach spaces"295-296

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