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Studia Mathematica

Tom 83

Warszawa-Wrocław 1986

Spis treści

W. Adamskiτ-smooth linear functionals on vector lattices of real-valued functions1-18
F. PrzytyckiPeriodic points of linked twist mappings19-24
W. Moran
A. Carey
Nilpotent groups with T1 primitive ideal spaces25-32
K. SaitoEgorov's type convergence in the Dedekind completion of a C*-algebra33-36
T. KörnerA cheaper Swiss cheese37-45
A. Roy
Å. Lima
Some results on intersection properties of balls in complex Banach spaces47-55
M. PtakOn teh reflexivity of pairs of isometries and of tensor products of some operator algebras57-95
K. UrbanikGeneralized convolutions IV97-104
J. HilgertThe Mayer-Vietoris and the Puppe sequences in K-theory for C*-algebras105-117
V. FarmakiClasses of nonseparable Banach spaces with no universal element119-125
P. Deguire
A. Granas
Sur une certaine alternative non-linéaire en analyse convexe127-138
D. OberlinThe size of sums of sets139-146
D. Vogt
R. Meise
Holomorphic functions of uniformly bounded type on nuclear Fréchet spaces147-166
J. BurbeaFredholm spectrum and Grunsky inequalities in general domains167-200
C. Hernández-GarciadiegoA note on the spectral mapping theorem201-204
L. Saloff-CosteOpérateurs pseudo-différentiels sur certains groupes totalement discontinus205-228
K. HelmesThe "local" law of the iterated logarithm for processes related to Lévy's stochastic area process229-237
J. Batt
G. Schlüchtermann
Eberlein compacts in L1(X)239-250
A. Uchiyama
T. Murai
Good λ inequalities for the area integral and the nontangential maximal function251-262
F. Móricz
K. Tandori
A characterization of the Banach property for summability matrices263-274
N. KaltonAnalytic functions in non-locally convex spaces and applications275-303

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