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Studia Mathematica

Tom 85

Warszawa-Wrocław 1987

Spis treści

R. Fefferman
F. Soria
The space Weak H¹1-16
B. KamińskiOn regular generator of Z²-actions in exhaustive partitions17-26
S. RolewiczOn drop property17-35
J. PriceSharp local uncertainty inequalities37-45
J. VukmanP-Universally bounded unitary operators and the structure of locally convex vector spaces47-53
C. MiersA note on Lie nilpotency in operator algebras55-59
L. ChenOn a singular integral61-72
P. MüllerOn subsequences of the Haar basis in H¹(δ) and isomorphisms between H¹-spaces73-90
G. Little
E. Dettweiler
Continuous factorizations of covariance operators and Gaussian processes91-106
S. Eijndhoven
P. Kruszyński
GB*-Algebras associated with inductive limits of Hilbert spaces107-123
R. BañuelosA note on martingale transforms and Ap-weights125-135
W. ŻelazkoOn generalized topological divisors of zero137-148
M. CambernNear isometries of spaces of weak* continuous functions, with an application to Bochner spaces149-156
L. DrewnowskiOn symmetric bases in nonseparable Banach spaces157-161
D. VogtOn the functors Ext¹(E,F) for Fréchet spaces163-197
G. Corach
F. Suárez
Extension of characters in commutative Banach algebras199-202
R. Meise
B. Taylor
Sequence space representations for (FN)-algebras of entire functions modulo closed ideals203-227
E. LigockaThe Bergman projection on harmonic functions229-246
C. KleinOn functions whose improper Riemann integral is absolutely convergent247-255
A. Makagon
H. Salehi
Spectral dilation of operator-valued measures and its application to infinite-dimensional harmonizable processes257-297
J. HolubOn basic Hahn-Banach extensions299-305

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