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Studia Mathematica

Tom 87

Warszawa-Wrocław 1987

Spis treści

I. Cioranescu
U. Neumann
Stieltjes vectors and cosine functions generators1-7
G. FeldmanThe Pólya characterization of a Gaussian measure on groups9-21
E. LigockaOn the reproducing kernel for harmonic functions and the space of Bloch harmonic functions on the unit ball in Rn23-32
A. Torre
F. Martin-Reyes
Weighted weak type inequalities for the ergodic maximal function and the pointwise ergodic theorem33-46
R. SatoOn a ratio ergodic theorem47-52
P. GłowackiAn inversion problem for singular integral operators on homogeneous groups53-69
B. BeauzamyAn operator on a separable Hilbert space with many hypercyclic vectors71-78
J. MarschallSome remarks on Triebel spaces79-92
V. MontesinosDrop property equals reflexivity93-100
A. Krupa
B. Zawisza
Ultrapowers of unbounded selfadjoint operators101-120
V. Moscatelli
M. Simões
Generalized Nash-Moser smoothing operators and the structure of Fréchet spaces121-132
D. Werner
W. Werner
On the M-structure of the operator space L(CK)133-138
M. MurrayMultilinear singular integrals involving a derivative of fractional order139-165
M. LeckbandTwo-weight mixed norm inequalities for maximal operators and extrapolation results for the fractional maximal operator167-180
S. RolewiczOn ∆-uniform convexity and drop property181-191
R. ArensOn a theorem of Gleason, Kahane and Żelazko193-196
K. JaroszMultipliers in complex Banach spaces and structure of the unit balls197-213
Z. KowalskiA generalized skew product215-222
E. LigockaOn the space of Bloch harmonic functions and interpolation of spaces of harmonic and holomorphic functions223-238
A. Hulanicki
J. Jenkins
Nilpotent Lie groups and eigenfunction expansions of Schrödinger operators II239-252
G. Sampson
W. Jurkat
Two weighted estimates for oscillating kernels I253-280
H. DalesLocal Banach algebras as Henselian rings281-293

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