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Studia Mathematica

Tom 88

Warszawa-Wrocław 1988

Spis treści

J. Boidol
J. Ludwig
D. Müller
On infinitely small orbits1-11
Z. NurluSg spaces and the vanishing of the functor Ext13-21
A. McIntosh
A. Pryde
W. Ricker
Comparison of joint spectra for certain classes of commuting operators23-36
Y. Lyubich
V. Phóng
Asymptotic stability of linear differential equations in Banach spaces37-42
D. TimotinCp-Estimates for certain kernels on local fields43-50
P. MankiewiczSubspace mixing properties of operators in R^n with applications to Gluskin spaces51-67
K. BallLogarithmically concave functions and sections of convex sets in R^n69-84
T. McConnellOn the strong maximal function and rearrangements85-102
A. StokolosOn the differentiation of integrals of functions from Lφ(L)103-120
P. MüllerOn subspaces of H¹ isomorphic to H¹121-127
W. MarciszewskiA function space C(K) not weakly homeomorphic to C(K)xC(K)129-137
E. LigockaOn duality and interpolation for spaces of polyharmonic functions139-163
J. Kwiatkowski
T. Rojek
The centralizer of Morse shifts induced by arbitrary blocks165-181
H. KellerMeasures on orthomodular vector space lattices183-195
H. ŻołądekOn relations between additive and multiplacative clustering operators197-207
T. OstrogorskiAnalogues of Hardy's inequality in R^n209-219
F. Ruiz
J. Torrea
Vector-valued Calderón-Zygmund theory and Carleson measures on spaces of homogeneous nature221-243
K. StempakAn algebra associated with the generalized sublaplacian245-256
R. ShorttMeasures on groups with given projections257-262
P. Rosenthal
H. Radjavi
E. Nordgren
M. Radjabalipour
Quadratic operators and invariant subspaces263-268
R. LaubenfelsVectors of uniqueness for id/dx269-274
B. AupetitAn improvement of Kaplansky's lemma on locally algebraic operators275-278
W. Pawłucki
W. Pleśniak
Extension of C∞ functions from sets with polynomial cusps279-287

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