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Studia Mathematica

Tom 89

Warszawa-Wrocław 1988

Spis treści

. Jan Mikusiński (3 April 1913 - 27 July 1987)
C. FinetBasic sequences and smooth norms in Banach spaces1-9
A. Iwanik
T. Downarowicz
Quasi-uniform convergence in compact dynamical systems11-25
C. Schütt
Y. Raynaud
Some results on symmetric subspaces of L127-35
M. LangenbruchComplemented kernels of partial differential operators in weighted spaces of (generalized) functions37-61
T. Byczkowski
H. Byczkowska
Zero-one law for subgroups of paths of group-valued stochastic processes65-73
S. MazurOn the convergence of lacunary polynomials75-78
T. Figiel
W. Johnson
G. Schechtman
Factorizations of natural embeddings of lnp into Lr, I79-103
L. BrevdoOn a subalgebra of the algebra C([0,1]) whose maximal ideal space is a torus105-110
J. GaléRegular quasimultipliers of some semisimple Banach algebras111-131
G. Maltese
R. Wille-Fier
A characterization ofhomomorphisms in certain Banach involution algebras133-143
P. MüllerOn projections in H¹ and BMO143-158
M. LemańczykFactors of coalescent automorphisms159-168
E. DamekLeft-invariant degenerate elliplic operators on semidirect extensions of homogeneous groups169-196
S. Negrepontis
S. Argyros
S. Mercourakis
Functionalanalytic properties of Corson-compact spaces197-229
M. WilhelmIntegral extension porcedures in weakly σ-complete lattice-ordered groups, II231-239
D. Adams
M. Frazier
BMO and smooth truncation in Sobolev spaces241-260
K. UrbanikAnalytic stochastic processes261-280

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