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Studia Mathematica

Tom 90

Warszawa-Wrocław 1988

Spis treści

W. BułatekTopological conjugacy of Morse flows over finite Abelian groups1-14
M. Cambern
E. Behrends
An isomorphic Banach-Stone theorem15-26
J. KrawczykThe translation invariant uniform approximation property for compact groups27-35
H. TriebelOn a class of weighted function spaces and related pseudodifferential operators37-68
G. Colombo
A. Bressan
Extensions and selections of maps with decomposable values69-86
J. JanasInductive limit of operators and its applications87-102
S. PedersenGroups of isometries on operator algebras103-116
M. MastyłoThe universal right K-property for some interpolation spaces117-128
R. SatoOn the ergodic power function for invertible positive operators129-134
E. BehrendsOn the geometry of spaces of CoK-valued operators135-151
G. BourdaudLocalisations des espaces de Besov153-163
G. FeldmanGaussian measures in Urbanik's sense and a characterization theorem for abelian groups165-174
R. Whitley
M. Schechter
Best Fredholm perturbation theorems175-190
L. DrewnowskiOn uncountable unconditional bases in Banach spaces191-196
P. MangheniLπ-Spaces and cone summing operators197-203
W. ŻelazkoAlgebraic generation of B(X) by two subalgebras with square zero205-212
M. SkwarczyńskiL²-Angles between one-dimensional tubes213-233
. Contents of volumes LXXXI-XC235-257

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