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Studia Mathematica

Volume 91

Warszawa-Wrocław 1988


V. TardivelFermés d'unicité dans les groupes abéliens localement compacts1-15
J. TaskinenThe projective tensor product of Fréchet-Montel spaces17-30
G. Hajduk-ChmielewskaThe Wold-Cramér concordance problem for Banach-space-valued stationary processes31-43
S. Van Eijndhoven
P. Kruszyński
Spectral trajectories,duality and inductive-projective limits of Hilbert spaces45-60
M. RyznarGeometrical properties of Banach spaces and the distribution of the norm for a stable measure61-71
V. MüllerAdjoining inverses to noncommutative Banach algebras and extensions of operators73-77
D. BurkholderA proof of Pełczyński's conjecture for the Haar system79-83
Z. KowalskiMinimal generators for ergodic endomorphisms85-88
I. SzalayOn the strong Cesàro summability of double orthogonal series89-107
J. CohenBMO estimates for biharmonic multiple layer potentials109-123
R. LyonsTopologies on measure spaces and the Radon-Nikodym theorem125-129
F. Martin-Reyes
P. Ortega Salvador
Ergodic power functions for mean bounded, invertible, positive operators131-139
M. Fabian
G. Godefroy
The dual of every Asplund space admits a projectional resolution of the identity141-151
K. UrbanikGeneralized convolutions V153-178
W. BartoszekAsymptotic periodicity of the iterates of positive contractions on Banach lattices179-188
H. HaasePacking measures on ultrametric spaces189-203
J. Ferrer
F. Puerta
Déformations C*-équivariantes de germes de faisceaux cohérents205-230
V. Rakocević
J. Zemanek
Lower s-numbers and their asymptotic behaviour231-239
P. MormulSingularities of triples of vector fields on R4: the focusing stratum241-273

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