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Studia Mathematica

Tom 92

Warszawa-Wrocław 1989

Spis treści

J. Boos
T. Leiger
General theorems of Mazur-Orlicz type1-19
O. Capri
C. Segovia
Behaviour of Lr-Dini singular integrals in weighted L1 spaces21-36
J. KroneExistence of bases and the dual splitting relation for Fréchet spaces37-48
R. deLaubenfelsC0-Scalar operators on cyclic spaces49-58
S. SatoWeighted inequalities on product domains59-72
R. GordonThe Denjoy extension of the Bochner, Pettis, and Dunford integrals73-91
P. Volkmann
H. Wacker
Certaines propriétés des opérateurs de Riesz93-99
J. JenkinsA characterization of bi-invariant Schwartz space multipliers on nilpotent Lie groups101-129
M. FranciosiWeighted rearrangements and higher integrability results131-139
B. TerreniNonhomogeneous initial-boundary value problems for linear parabolic systems141-175
H. RenderAn order-theoretic approach to involutive algebras177-186
F. MóriczOn the integrability and L¹-convergence of sine series187-200
L. Dalla
S. Giotopoulos
N. Katseli
The socle and finitedimensionality of a semiprime Banach algebra201-204
O. BlascoInterpolation between H1B0 and LPB1205-210
R. MeiseSequence space representations for zero-solutions of convolution equations on ultradifferentiable functions of Roumieu type211-230
A. Benkirane
J. Gossez
An approximation theorem in higher order Orlicz-Sobolev spaces and applications231-255
M. MentzenInvariant sub-σ-algebras for substitutions of constant length257-273
C. Finet
W. Schachermayer
Equivalent norms on separable Asplund spaces275-283
R. Sharpley
Y. Shim
Singular integrals on Cαp285-293

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