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Studia Mathematica

Tom 94

Warszawa-Wrocław 1989

Spis treści

S. BellenotThe maximum path theorem and extreme points of James space1-15
P. RaithHausdorff dimension for piecewise monotonie maps17-33
M. StokolosOn the differentiation of integrals of functions from Orlicz classes35-50
E. Berkson
T. Gillespie
P. Muhly
LP-Multiplier transference induced by representations in Hilbert space51-61
G. Allan
T. Ransford
Power-dominated elements in a Banach algebra63-79
A. Hulanicki
J. Dziubański
On semigroups generated by left-invariant positive differential operators on nilpotent Lie groups81-95
N. Kazamaki
M. Kikuchi
Some remarks on ratio inequalities for continuous martingales97-102
. Errata
D. Noll
W. Stadler
Abstract sliding hump technique and characterization of barrelled spaces103-120
D. GallardoWeighted integral inequalities for the ergodic maximal operator and other sublinear operators. Convergence of the averages and the ergodic Hilbert transform121-147
N. GroenbaekA characterization of weakly amenable Banach algebras149-162
M. NawrockiThe Fréchet envelopes of vector-valued Smirnov classes163-177
R. SzwarcMatrix coefficients of irreducible representations of free products of groups179-185
I. ZalduendoA geometric condition equivalent to commutativity in Banach algebras187-192
. Chan-PornLes systémes de representation absolue dans les espaces des fonctions holomorphes193-212
. Chan-PornEnsembles suffisants pour quelques espaces de fonctions213-226
S. Dineen
R. Timoney
Absolute bases, tensor products and a theorem of Bohr227-234
F. SoriaOn an extrapolation theorem of Carleson-Sjölin type with applications to a.e. convergence of Fourier series235-244
I. WikOn Muckenhoupt´s classes of weight functions245-255
E. LigockaOn the Forelli-Rudin construction and weighted Bergman projections257-272
F. Cobos
J. Peetre
A multidimensional Wolff theorem273-290

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