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Studia Mathematica

Tom 95

Warszawa-Wrocław 1989

Spis treści

G. GodefroyMetric characterization of first Baire class linear forms and octahedral norms1-15
G. CassierAlgèbres duales uniformes d'opérateurs sur l'espace de Hilbert17-32
J. Peetre
S. Janson
R. Wallstén
A new look on Hankel forms over Fock space33-41
L. MaligrandaSome remarks on Orliczs interpolation theorem43-58
W. Bade
H. Dales
Continuity of derivations from radical convolution algebras59-91
W. HebischSharp pointwise estimate for the kernels of the semigroup generated by sums of even powers of vector fields on homogeneous groups93-106
M. BożejkoPositive-definite kernels, length functions on groups and a noncommutative von Neumann inequality107-118
B. Yood
B. Tomiuk
Incomplete normed algebra norms on Banach algebras119-132
P. MankiewiczFactoring the identity operator on a subspace of ln∞133-139
S. Kwapień
C. Schütt
Some combinatorial and probabilistic inequalities and their application to Banach space theory II141-154
J. AlvarezFunctional calculi for pseudodifferential operators, III155-173
A. Beddaa
M. Oudadess
On a question of A. Wilansky in normed algebras175-177
E. HernandezFactorization and extrapolation of pairs of weights179-193
R. BagbyWeak bounds for the maximal function in weighted Orlicz spaces195-204
A. MiyachiHp spaces over open subsets of Rn205-228
M. DominguezWeighted inequalities for the Hilbert transform and the adjoint operator in the continuous case229-236
A. DefantAbsolutely p-summing operators and Banach spaces containing all lnp uniformly complemented237-247
V. MoscatblliStrongly nonnorming subspaces and prequojections249-254
R. JamesUnconditional bases and the Radon-Nikodym property255-262
N. Khue
B. Tac
Extending holomorphic maps from compact sets in infinite dimensions263-272
Q. XuApplications du théorème de factorisation pour des fonctions à valeurs opérateurs273-292

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