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Studia Mathematica

Tom 96

Warszawa-Wrocław 1990

Spis treści

S. BloomSharp weights and BMO-preserving homeomorphisms1-10
S. BloomAn interpolation theorem with Ap-weighted Lp spaces11-15
S. RolewiczOn projections on subspaces of codimension one17-19
A. PietschType and cotype numbers of operators on Banach spaces21-37
D. LiQuantitative unconditionality of Banach spaces E for which K(E) is an M-ideal in L(E)39-50
S. MommPartial differential operators of infinite order with constant coefficients on the space of analytic functions on the polydisc51-71
A. ParusińskiGradient homotopies of gradient vector fields73-80
B. BeauzamyAn operator on a separable Hilbert space with all polynomials hypercyclic81-90
P. Pych-TaberskaApproximation properties of the partial sums of Fourier series of some almost periodic functions91-103
J. McPhailA weighted interpolation problem for analytic functions105-116
G. BlowerA multiplier characterization of analytic UMD spaces117-124
E. FerreyraWeighted Lorentz norm inequalities for integral operators125-134
B. KamińskiAn axiomatic definition of the entropy of a Zd-action on a Lebesgue space135-144
E. SawyerBoundedness of classical operators on classical Lorentz spaces145-158
W. ŻelazkoA density theorem for F-spaces159-166
L. BaribeauMultifonctions analytiques polygonales167-173
J. RusinekOn generalized canonical commutation relations175-181
J. KowalskiA method of approximation of Besov spaces183-193
W. CupałaOn the essential spectrum and eigenvalue asymptotics of certain Schrödinger operators195-202
M. Defant
M. Junge
On weak (r,2)-surnming operators and weak Hilbert spaces203-217
M. Lemańczyk
G. Goodson
On the rank of a class of bijective substitutions219-230
W. Hebisch
A. Sikora
A smooth subadditive homogeneous norm on a homogeneous group231-236
V. Müller
A. Fernandez
Renormalizations of Banach and locally convex algebras237-242
V. MascioniSome remarks on the uniform approximation property in Banach spaces243-253
H. Kamowitz
S. Scheinberg
Some properties of endomorphisms of Lipschitz algebras255-261
W. HebischAlmost everywhere summability of eigenfunction expansions associated to elliptic operators263-275
A. ŚwięchSpectral characterization of operators with precompact orbit277-282

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