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Studia Mathematica

Tom 98

Warszawa-Wrocław 1991

Spis treści

O. SalinasTwo-weight norm inequalities for the Hardy-Little-wood maximal function for one-parameter rectangles1-9
M. PapadakisOn hyperreflexivity and rank one density for non-CSL algebras11-17
F. MantlikIsomorphic classification and lifting theorems for spaces of differentiable functions with Lipschitz conditions19-39
F. MantlikDifferentiable bundles of subspaces and operators in Banach spaces41-51
F. BeatrousBoundary estimates for derivatives of harmonic functions53-71
A. RonA characterization of the approximation order for multivariate spline spaces73-90
Z. Artstein
T. Rzeżuchowski
A note on Olech's Lemma91-94
M. GirardiWeak vs. norm compactness in L1: the Bocce criterion95-97
P. GłowackiThe Rockland condition for nondifferential convolution operators II99-114
M. MastyloThe Mackey completions of some interpolation F-spaces115-129
P. DETREMultipliers of weighted V spaces131-145
S. SzarekComputing summing norms and type constants on few vectors147-156
M. Valdivia
J. Orihuela
W. Schachermayer
Every Radon-Nikodym Corson compact space is Eberlein compact157-174
N. FujiiA condition for a two-weight norm inequality for singular integral operators175-190
V. NGOThe structure of module derivations of Cn [0, 1] into Lp(0, 1)191-202
F. MóriczOn the integrability and L¹-convergence of double trigonometric series203-225
M. Lemańczyk
S. Ferenczi
Rank is not a spectral invariant227-230
H. KangOn the Fourier transform of e-ψ(χ)231-234
J. FeinsteinPoint dérivations and prime ideals in R (X)235-246
B. Aniszczyk
R. Frankiewicz
C. Ryll-Nardzewski
Continuity of a homomorphism on commutative subalgebras is not sufficient for continuity247-248
A. FanEquivalence et orthogonalité des mesures aléatoires engendrées par martingales positives homogènes249-266

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