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Studia Mathematica

Tom 99

Warszawa-Wrocław 1991

Spis treści

S. ThangaveluSome restriction theorems for the Heisenberg group1-10
B. KamińskiGenerators of perfect σ-algebras of Zd-actions11-21
D. Fernandez
J. Garcia
Interpolation of Orlicz-valued function spaces and U.M.D. property23-40
J. Gao
K. Lau
On two classes of Banach spaces with uniform normal structure41-56
M. Carro
J. Cerdä
Complex interpolation and U spaces57-67
J. Kwiatkowski
T. Rojek
A method of solving a cocycle functional equation and applications69-86
J. JanasUnbounded Toeplitz operators in the Bargmann-Segal space87-99
T. ByczkowskiOn the density of log concave seminorms on vector spaces101-108
M. KikuchiImproved ratio inequalities for martingales109-113
J. Wang
P. Wu
Sums of square-zero operators115-127
L. KlotzSome approximation problems in IP-spaces of matrix-valued functions129-147
V. MüllerOn topologizable algebras149-153
B. Taylor
R. Meise
J. Bonet
Whitney's extension theorem for nonquasianalytic classes of ultradifferentiable functions155-184
K. KürstenBounded sets in projective tensor products of hilbertizable locally convex spaces185-198
S. Segura De LeónBukhvalov type characterizations of Urysohn operators199-220
F. WeiszInequalities relative to two-parameter Vilenkin-Fourier coefficients221-233
G. ŁysikGeneralized Taylor expansions of singular functions235-262
M. PliśThe Mellin analytic functionals and the Laplace—Beltrami operator on the Minkowski half-plane263-276

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