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Banach Center Publications

Volume 10

Warszawa 1983


G. AlbinusMultiple layer potentials for the quadrant and their application to the Dirichlet problem in plane domains with a piecewise smooth boundary7-26
M. BergerNew ideas on complete integrability27-32
B. Booss
B. Schulze
Indextheory and elliptic boundary value problems. Remarks and open problems33-57
M. BurnatThe Bernoulli manifolds for nonelliptic quasilinear systems of first order and applications in continuum mechanics59-67
J. Elschner
M. Lorenz
On a class of clliptic differential operators degenerating at one point69-78
J. FrehseMonotone operators with linear range79-86
J. FrehseOn the smoothness of solutions of variational incqualities with obstacles87-128
H. GajewskiOn existence and nonexistence results for nonlinear Schrödinger equations129-145
G. GrubbOn the spectral theory of pseudo-differential elliptic boundary problems147-168
O. GrudzinskiSlowly decreasing entire functions and convolution equations169-184
S. HansenOn the "Fundamental Principle" of L. Ehrenpreis185-201
B. Helffer
J. Nourrigat
Théorèmes d'indice pour des opérateurs différentiels à coefficients polynomiaux203-212
А. ЯнушаускасГармоничемкие по М.А. Лаврентьеву отображения213-241
Г. КаратопраклиевКраевые задачи для уравнений смешанного типа в многомерных областях231-269
J. KačurNonlinear parabolic boundary value problems in the Orlicz-Sobolev spaces243-260
C. Parenti
L. Rodino
Parametrices for a class od P.D. Operators and applications271-277
P. PopivanowOn the hypoellipticity of pseudo-differential systems with a diagonal principal symbol279-299
З. ПресдорфО вырожденной задаче Римана-Гильберта301-310
W. WatzawekParameter shifting and complete families of solutions to a singular parabolic equation305-412
S. RempelAn analytical index formula for elliptic pseudo-differential boundary problems in the half-space311-315
М. СалахитдиновК теории краевых задач для уравнений смешанного типа с одной и двумя линиями вырождения317-329
J. SautGeneric properties of nonlinear boundary value problems331-351
B. SchulzeAdjoints of elliptic boundary value problems353-359
V. SolonnikovSolvability of a three-dimensional boundary value problem with a free surface for the stationary Navier-Stokes sysem361-403
K. WojciechowskiOn the spectral flow and the index theorem for flat vector bundles413-422

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