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Banach Center Publications

Volume 11

Warszawa 1983


И. Александров
С. Александров
В. Соболев
Зкстремальные свойства отображений полуплоскости в себя7-32
U. CegrellOn the domains of existence for plurisubharmonic functions33-37
J. ChądzińskiOn the maximum principle for the quotiont of norms of mappings39-44
Ш. ДаутовНекоторые интегральные формулы в многомерном комплексном анализе и их приложения45-59
S. DimievFonctions presque holomorphes61-75
J. FukaA remark on Hartogs' double series77-78
H. GrunskyThe coefficient problem for functions with positive real part in a finitely connected domain79-88
L. IlievClassical extremal problems for univalent functions89-110
J. Kalina
J. Ławrynowicz
Foliations and the generalized complex Monge-Ampère equations111-119
S. KirschEin verallgemeinerter transfiniter Durchmesser im Zusammenhang mit einer quasikonformen Normalabbildung121-129
C. KieselmanThe use of conjugate convex functions in complex analysis131-142
L. Koczan
J. Szynal
Regions of variability for bounded univalent functions and distorion theorems143-163
Y. KomatuTopics form classical theory of conformal mapping165-183
В. КривовПонятие обобщенного модуля и его применение к теории квазиконформных отображений185-198
R. KühnauEine Extremalcharakterisierung von Unterschallgasströmungen durch quasikonforme Abbildungen199-210
R. KühnauDie hyperbolische Metrik als Grenzfall einer durch quasikonforme Abbildungen defieierten Metrik211-216
E. LigockaOn boundary behaviour of Bergman kernel function for plane domains and their Cartesian products217-222
M. MorimotoAnalytic functionals on the sphere and their Fourier-Borel transformations223-250
J. Naas
W. Tutschke
Complex methods in non-linear analysis251-259
В. НапалковНеоднородные ураинения свертки261-268
N. Thanh VanSur les fonctions analytiques f(x,y) dont l'ensemble des zéros par rapport a y est algébrique269-273
I. RamadanovSome applications of the Bergman kernel to geometrical theory of functions275-286
P. RusevExpansion of analytic functions in series of classical orthogonal polynomials287-298
J. SiciakOn the equivalence between locally polar and globally polar sets in Cn299-309
H. ŚmiałekSchroeder's functions311-321
K. StrebelOn the metic |f(z)|λ|dz| with holomorphic f323-336
W. TutschkeRelations between the boundary values and periods for generalized analytic functions in Rn337-346
W. TutschkeSolutions with prescribed periods on the boundary components on non-linear elliptic systems of first order in multiply connected domains in the plane347-351
M. VuorinenLindelöf-type theorems for quasiconformal and quasiregular mappings353-362

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