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Banach Center Publications

Volume 40

Warszawa 1997


R. Budzyński
S. Zakrzewski
W. Pusz
Preface, Contents1-8
G. Böhm
K. Szlachányi
Weak C∗-Hopf algebras: the coassociative symmetry of non-integral dimensions9-19
Y. Samoĭlenko
L. Turowska
Semilinear relations and ∗-representations of deformations of so(3)21-40
A. SheuGroupoids and compact quantum groups41-50
A. Van DaeleMultiplier Hopf algebras and duality51-58
E. VayslebOn *-representations of U_q(sl(2)): more real forms59-65
S. WangProblems in the theory of quantum groups67-78
Y. Bespalov
B. Drabant
Bicovariant differential calculi and cross products on braided Hopf algebras79-90
G. DeliusIntroduction to quantum Lie algebras91-97
D. GurevichBraided modules and reflection equations99-110
V. LyubashenkoSquared Hopf algebras and reconstruction theorems111-137
B. PareigisOn Lie algebras in braided categories139-158
S. SilvestrovOn the classification of 3-dimensional coloured Lie algebras159-170
A. Borowiec
V. Kharchenko
Z. Oziewicz
First order calculi with values in right-universal bimodules171-184
K. Schmüdgen
A. Schüler
Left-covariant differential calculi on SL_q(N)185-191
V. BavulaClassification of the simple modules of the quantum Weyl algebra and the quantum plane193-201
V. DobrevRepresentations of quantum groups and (conditionally) invariant q-difference equations203-222
P. Kondratowicz
P. Podleś
On representation theory of quantum SL_q(2) groups at roots of unity223-248
G. ArutyunovGeometric construction of the classical r-matrix for the elliptic Calogero-Moser system249-259
A. Ballesteros
M. del Olmo
Contractions of Poisson-Lie groups, Lie bialgebras and quantum deformations261-271
S. ZakrzewskiA characterization of coboundary Poisson Lie groups and Hopf algebras273-278
A. BaranovitchDifferential geometrical relations for a class of formal series279-287
T. BrzezińskiA note on coalgebra gauge theory289-292
Y. Daletskii
V. Kushnirevitch
Formal differential geometry and Nambu-Takhtajan algebra293-302
M. ĐurđevićQuantum principal bundles and their characteristic classes303-313
M. ĐurđevićQuantum classifying spaces and universal quantum characteristic classes315-327
H. Omori
N. Miyazaki
A. Yoshioka
Y. Maeda
Noncommutative 3-sphere as an example of noncommutative contact algebras329-334
S. MajidSome remarks on quantum and braided group gauge theory335-349
J. de Azcárraga
F. Rodenas
Differential calculus on 'non-standard' (h-deformed) Minkowski spaces351-360
B. Cerchiai
P. Schupp
Symmetries of an extended Hubbard model361-368
P. Schupp
G. Fiore
Statistics and quantum group symmetries369-377
A. KempfOn path integration on noncommutative geometries379-386
M. KlimekThe symmetry algebra and conserved currents for Klein-Gordon equation on quantum Minkowski space387-395
W. MarcinekOn quantum Weyl algebras and generalized quons397-402
J. SeifertGeneralized Hermite polynomials obtained by embeddings of the q-Heisenberg algebra403-413
J. StokmanTwo limit transitions involving multivariable BC type Askey-Wilson polynomials415-428
K. Ueno
M. Nishizawa
The multiple gamma function and its q-analogue429-441

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